Gwen Stefani’s clothing at the ACM Awards allows fans to speak

Gwen Stefani’s clothing at the ACM Awards allows fans to speak

It wouldn’t be Gwen Stefani’s look without fishnet tights, but the Grammy Award-winning attire for the Academy of Country Music Awards had a distinctive touch. The singer opted for a white denim jacket with gold fringe on the sleeves, complemented by white denim necklines (also with gold fringe) and gold knee-high boots. Stefani complemented her look with gold bracelets and, of course, her signature red lip.

Stefani watched the stage at home with Blake Shelton, who wore a casual shirt with buttons and jeans while strumming his guitar. But some fans who commented on Stefan’s contribution to the ACM Awards on Instagram did not love their country. “Please go back to No Doubt and trace your original roots,” one person begged. “You must return to old Gwen.” This country Gwen is simply not for me, “wrote another follower.

But YouTuber Kandee Johnson shared some positive words and was furious: “You’re the cutest person !!!!!!” on Stefan’s Instagram post, and Jenee Fleenor, a violin in Shelton’s band, joked about Stefan’s clothes and wrote, we are on the edge! “Fan Tweets that the appearance of the ACM Awards by Stefani was “iconic” and another wrote: “Wow !!! These shoes !!!! This clothes !!! ”


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