Fortnite skins and cosmetics from v10.30 Got Leaked

Fortnite skins and cosmetics from v10.30 Got Leaked

The Fortnite new version 10.30 is going to be a massive hit. Fans already loved it and it’s not even fully released yet. Update of Fortinite v10.30 is live now. Hardworking Data miners are already working extremely hard to discover all the skins, back blings, harvesting tools, and features that will be part of upcoming battle royale title.

Fortnite Fans are extremely excited about the release of the Fortnite v10.30 Update. Fans are extremely impatient and looking for some major changes.

The update is all set to display a brand new unique item. It will come with major map changes, with Rift Beacons, Paradise Palms and Greasy Grove. It will give new life to the classic locations and make them more appealing.

With those major changes, Epic Games has also introduced some brand-new cosmetic items to the new game files. Those changes will be released in the next few weeks. Fans will be able to purchase the changes in order to improve and update their character’s look.


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