And again, a plug-in hybrid needs to be off the road: after BMW’s electric cars, it’s now Ford: the automaker is now stopping delivery of a hybrid model. And for good reason.

Dangerous Ford Kuga: delivery stop and plug-in hybrid recall

The delivery of the plug-in hybrid model Kuga stops: the fault is a fault in the high-voltage battery which has already caused a fire. All vehicles already sold must also go to the workshop. Portal writes 33,404 Kuga vehicles affected across Europe

Originally, the recall only affected some of the vehicles produced, namely models built before June 25, 2020. Apparently, this was not enough to resolve the technical issue: “According to the spokesperson, the current recall also includes compact SUVs that have already been overhauled by a Ford dealer, “writes At the end of August, a Ford Kuga caught fire while loading in Wiesbaden – according to the portal, a possible reason for the renewed and extended recall.

Have you ever fallen for these misconceptions about electric cars?

The car can still drive

Vehicle owners can continue to drive the affected Kuga models, but only in “auto EV mode,” the portal quotes a Ford spokesperson. In this mode, the energy recovery generated during braking charges the battery – but only partially. However, customers are no longer allowed to charge their vehicle on the outlet or on the fast charger.

Anyone who has ordered a Ford-Kuga-Hybrid and now has to accept longer waiting times will receive a Ford service and accessories voucher worth 350 euros.

BMW also recently recalled some plug-in hybrids: a production error can lead to a short circuit in the affected vehicles during the charging process.

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