First vaccine assessment: No increased risk of side effects

First vaccine assessment: No increased risk of side effects

According to the Paul Ehrlich Institute, there are currently no signs of an increased risk of side effects from coronary vaccination. Vaccination has not been established in 325 known suspicions either.

The Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) has so far shown no evidence of possible increased side effects of coronavirus vaccination with Biontech / Pfizer and Moderna. This was announced by the institute in Langen in Hesse. On Sunday, 325 suspected cases were reported, of which 51 were serious. These values ​​were consistent with data from clinical approval studies and are also statistically inconspicuous.

“We have not yet seen any new risk signals,” said PEI expert Brigitte Keller-Stanislawski. In addition, a causal relationship to vaccination has not been established in suspected cases. PEI President Klaus Cichutek also stressed that the risks of the two approved vaccines are “very, very limited” as they stand.

To date, ten post-vaccination deaths have been reported to PEI. However, the professional body does not assume that there is a link between death and vaccination. These were patients with “serious underlying diseases”, some of whom had already been treated palliatively, said Keller-Stanislawski. PEI therefore assumes that these people “died of the underlying vaccine-related illness.”

No increased risk of allergic reactions

Seven out of ten deaths were between the ages of 79 and 93. The time of death was between a few hours and four days after vaccination. No more detailed information was initially available on the other three reported cases.

So far, there is no evidence of an increased risk of allergic reactions, said Keller-Stanislawski. Until last Sunday, PEI had knowledge of six suspected allergic reactions after vaccination with active ingredients from Biontech / Pfizer and Moderna. Side effects can be described as ‘mild to moderate’. They occurred temporarily and left no damage.

Careful consideration must be given to whether the suspected suspicions actually indicate a marked development or show only a statistically normal event or are not related to vaccination at all.

So far, 842,455 vaccinations

The possible side effects of vaccination are being closely monitored in Germany and other countries, even after their approval. There is a notification obligation for doctors, other professionals and manufacturers in this country. The PEI, which is responsible for monitoring vaccines and other drugs, collects this data and wants to make it publicly available every week.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 842,455 people were vaccinated nationwide.

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