Federal Bureau of Statistics: Smokers buy more tobacco

Federal Bureau of Statistics: Smokers buy more tobacco

The increased consumption of hookahs, electronic cigarettes and hand-rolled products in Germany brings additional revenue to the tax authorities. However, this does not mean that more people were smoked during the Crown period.

Sales of fine-cut tobacco and pipe tobacco increased in Germany last year. According to the Federal Statistical Office, this does not automatically mean that there has been more smoking: “The overall increase in sales of tobacco products indicates changes in consumer habits, but also special trading conditions in 2020,” the statistics explained.

For example, the temporary closure of the border during the Coronian crisis has meant that many smokers who otherwise consume cheaper tobacco products from abroad, which are not subject to any taxes in Germany, have switched to self-cut cigarettes: so that they can cigarettes themselves. “” Fine cutting is not tax-exempt in this country, but is subject to lower taxes than cigarettes.

Pipe tobacco in particular is much more in demand

In total, tobacco products with sales of 28.8 billion euros were taxed – five percent more than in 2019. Statistics statistically recorded an increase of 10.5 percent for fine tobacco products. The value of pipe tobacco sales increased by as much as 44.3 percent: this includes mainly hookah tobacco, but also products for electronic cigarettes. Meanwhile, sales of taxed cigarettes fell 1.1 percent.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, cigarette sales have almost halved compared to 1991: 146.5 billion cigarettes were sold in the year after reunification, up from 73.8 billion last year. This is linked to a multiple increase in the tobacco tax, but also to laws restricting the consumption of tobacco, which is harmful to health. However, sales of pipe tobacco needed for hookahs and evaporators have quadrupled since then.

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