Federal Audit Office: risk of insolvency in ten percent of clinics

Federal Audit Office: risk of insolvency in ten percent of clinics

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Every tenth hospital in Germany is facing bankruptcy

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The federal states of Germany are not fulfilling their obligation to invest in hospital funding for years

The federal states of Germany are not fulfilling their obligation to invest in hospital funding for years

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The financial supervisors of the Federal Supervisory Authority express clear doubts about the future viability of German hospitals: 40 percent record losses, and one in ten is at risk of insolvency. Now an amendment to the Basic Law should solve the problem.

D.The Federal Audit Office sees major deficiencies in the planning and financing of hospitals in Germany and calls for amendments to the Basic Law that revise the responsibilities of the federal government and the government.

“There is hardly any future-oriented planning, for example, taking into account demographics, disease and medical progress,” the Rheinische Post quoted the Federal Control Office as saying.

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The top federal government, based in Bonn, studies the budget and economic governance of the federal government. And obviously, there is a problem, because the current structure of hospitals is inefficient, – further criticizes the Accounting Chamber.

“40 percent of hospitals record losses, as more than a tenth increase the risk of insolvency.” From a supervisory perspective, federal states “have for years only inadequately fulfilled their investment commitments in hospital financing”.

The Audit Chamber wants to link responsibility

In Germany, the federal states are usually responsible for planning the capacity of hospitals as well as for the necessary investments. According to the report, the demand for this is 7 billion euros across the country annually.

Funding is moving “at a consistently low level” between 2.6 and 3 billion euros. The Federal Audit Office is also unhappy with the current hospital reform through two federal-funded funds.

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In his view, there are insufficient incentives for effective structural improvement; and co-financing from federal states and hospital operators is reported to be too low. “Thus, countries are disproportionately relieved of responsibility,” the statement said.

The Court of Auditors therefore calls for a reunion of the “responsibility for funding and planning” clinics. However, this would require amending the relevant provisions of the Basic Law.

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Two Green Bundestag deputies, Ekin Deligez and Manuela Rothmann, wrote a joint statement on the shortcomings of the hospital landscape and wrote: “Basically, we fund the number: this applies to single rates in hospitals that over-fund highly invasive medicine and starve.”

Two politicians complain that the fact that the facility simply exists and works is underpaid. As for the reform effort, Deleuze says that “just pouring money into this system without revising it in principle is not promising.”

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Rothmann emphasizes: “The Federal Control Service is right: there is a need for politicians to finally establish a structure of health care that takes into account the medical needs of the population.”

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