More than 120,000 players wanted to test the chaos of the game called Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout for yesterday’s launch – a little too crowded for the servers.

The launch of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout went almost too well for the developers at Mediatonic. The flood of players brought the servers to their knees.

Fall Guys started yesterday Steam and the PlayStation 4. If you PS Plus Members you get the game now free, otherwise it costs 19.99 euros in the PS Store. PC gamers can also use Fall Guys on the Steam Store to 19.99 euros occur. Listicle Feed&utm_medium=psn&emcid=di-st-239016

Apparently, many players knocked before the release, the official Twitter account reported more than 120,000 players who wanted to get started immediately. The developers apparently didn’t expect it and many players did. Connection issues or you did not receive any rewards after matches.

Before launch, the developers were pretty sure and even joked about server performance:

The issues now appear to be resolved and Fall Guys numbered nearly 150,000 players on day one. The board game with its crazy fashions and routes is apparently well received and currently tops the Twitch charts. Meanwhile, Fall Guys was proud 350,000 spectators. So if you can’t play just watch.