Donald Trump announces development of “super-duper rocket”

Donald Trump announces development of “super-duper rocket”

DAccording to US President Donald Trump, the US military is developing a “super-missile” that should become the fastest hypersonic missile in the world.

The rocket should fly 17 times faster than the missiles that were previously in the U.S. arsenal, Trump said at the White House on Friday at the launch of the flag of the new U.S. Space Force.

The missile should also fly three times faster than the fastest missiles in other countries such as Russia or China. “I call it the Super Duper rocket.” The project got the green light. A Pentagon spokesman declined to comment on the draft at a news conference on Friday.

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The Russian military launched its new Avangard hypersonic missile in late December. According to Russian information, the rocket is more than 20 times faster than sound. The head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, said that at such speeds, defense systems could not be intercepted. Putin announced the weapons in March 2018 in response to U.S. missile defense systems.

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