DFB Cup: It is no coincidence that the Holstein keel became a “Bavarian” whip

DFB Cup: It is no coincidence that the Holstein keel became a “Bavarian” whip

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It is no coincidence that the Holstein keel became a Bavarian fear

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Penalty drama! Kiel sensationally throws out Bavaria! Here on video!

Cup sensation! Record holders of FC “Bayern” are eliminated in the second round! The Bundesliga team loses after a penalty after a dramatic game in Holstein. For the first time in 17 years, Bayern were defeated in the DFB Cup by a lower-class team. See highlights of the historic cup failure here!

The second division reveals the weaknesses of the winner of the Champions League “Bavaria”. Holstein Kiel is a watch team. Winning the DFB Cup is like a sensation. But only at first glance. In any case, this is not a complete surprise.

E.in a car parade in honor of Holstein Kiel, a concert with beeps, a few firecrackers and even firecrackers. If this happens in the far north, where are they usually frugal with their emotions? Where “Moin” is sufficient for “Good morning”, “Guten Tag” and “Guten Abend”, he who says “Moin, Moin” is considered a chatterbox, and “Jo” is a complete sentence with a subject, a predicate and an o ‘ ectam. But now you had to go out and more, just as drunk as after the promotion to the second division in 2017. Oh, how nice again.

The emergence of Bavaria as an emotional chest relaxation. Who would have thought? DFB-Pokal, a record champion against a provincial club with a handball stronghold, is in itself an obvious thing. Just not that night. Not in the condition in which the Munich star ensemble is now. First of all, not with this Kiel army this winter, actually for the whole season. They are third, attacking the regulars in their league – and now also the champion who is defending.

Equalization to 2: 2 during the break, courage in extra time, nervousness when taking a penalty. Bayern came out, Kiel in the 1/8 finals and some of their fans are no longer in a TV chair, but in a car around the stadium. “We are delighted that thanks to a good game and the corresponding historical results for Holstein Kiel we have been able to do everything to create a good atmosphere on the street,” said coach Ole Werner, one of the factions of the North German sober types. Born in Prez, about 17 kilometers from the capital Schleswig-Holstein.

A roar in the prime minister’s living room

The success in Kiel overlooking Bavaria is largely extraordinary. For the first time in more than 20 years, “Bayern” failed in the second round of the DFB Cup. The defeat at Kiel was also the first in 17 years against a lower-class club. On the other hand, “Kiel” can now add a game against the rival of the league “Darmstadt 98” to its schedule in early February.

Even the Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, Daniel Gunther (CDU), a member of the Bayern club, admitted to a “loud roar” after 6: 5. he said.

That’s what coach Ole Werner says about the sensation against “Bayern”

Holstein Kiel’s second division creates a big surprise and is eliminated from Bayern in the second round of the DFB Cup. Coach Ole Werner talks about an extraordinary experience.

Source: Statistics release news

Serge Gnabri (14th) from an offside position, no video is planned in the second round of the cup, and Leroy Sane (48th) from a free kick brought Munich’s “Bayern” in two advantages. The Killers, who spent most of their time playing at eye level, equaled Finn Bartels (37th) and Captain Hake Wall seconds before the final whistle. In the end, Bartels realized a decisive penalty against national goalkeeper Manuel Noer. Mark Roca of Munich had previously failed because of Holstein keeper Janis Helios It was a hussar piece of Holstein.

Fabian Reese and Yannick Dam from Kiel celebrate the winner of the match “Kiel” Janis Helios, who saved the last penalty of “Bayern”

Source: Getty Images / Stuart Franklin

Bartels has closed a gap in his professional career. In the 13th game he won against Bayern. Neither Hansa Rostock, nor FC St. Pauli, nor Werder Bremen had a sense of accomplishment against the Munich team. The native of “Kila” returned to his native club in the summer of 2020.

Here’s how Hansi Flick explains the amazing way out

FC Bayern surprisingly failed in the second round of the Holstein DFB Cup penalty. Coach Hansie Flick is trying to explain the embarrassment.

Source: Statistics release news

One factor in the success of the takeoff in Kiel. Over the past few years, they have invested heavily in the club’s infrastructure. The best conditions for training, the expansion of the stadium. This season the course has been adjusted somewhat differently, the feet of the Bundesliga instead of stones. Bartels came, as did Joshua Miss of the Berlin Union. Also, Jae Son Lee was not sold, although it was his last chance to make money again from the South Korean international. He did not want to extend the contract and will go for a free transfer in the summer.

For those in charge of the club, the bull market is not a coincidence, but the execution of a plan thanks to Holstein’s down-to-earth attitude. In economic terms, the club is well located thanks to powerful and, above all, level financiers, the country’s large corporations sit on the supervisory board, and the team on the field is armed with assaults due to the high level of identification of the club. In any case, the city of Kiel after this game knew what it should: instead of the national flag, on Thursday Mayor Ulf Kempfer hung out the club flag.

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