Crisis pact with ver.di: jobs in Eurowings secured

Crisis pact with ver.di: jobs in Eurowings secured

Eurowings has agreed on further crisis agreements with ver.di. Despite the corona pandemic, around 2,000 jobs are to be secured. There is a reduction in salaries.

Eurowings and the ver.di trade union have secured a collective agreement for around 2,000 jobs in the Lufthansa subsidiary. Both sides report it.

After “hard and monthly negotiations”, a “balanced contribution to the crisis” was achieved, said ver.di. In return, among other things, the company’s pension plan for cabin crew will be suspended and the Christmas and holiday pay will be reduced by five percent, the union said.

Less holidays in 2021

For ground staff, the crisis agreement provides for a one-time waiver of the 13th salary and a reduction in leave for 2021. Ground staff has already agreed to the compromise, according to information about it, members of the ver.di in the cabin will vote by Friday.

Ver.di also wants to ensure that as many flight attendants from other Lufthansa subsidiaries find professional prospects at Eurowings, explained negotiator Marvin Reschinsky. “Ver.di is already conducting collective bargaining. We demand financial recognition of previous professional experience in the group. “

“The agreement with the social partners and the crisis contribution from Eurowings Germany’s cabin staff are a necessary step in overcoming the serious crisis and securing the company’s long-term future,” Eurowings explained.

The airline has announced the acceptance of 130 flight attendants to cover the traditionally strongest summer travel time. “Eurowings currently expects tourist demand to increase from the summer of 2021,” the airline said. Once travel restrictions avert a pandemic fall, a dynamic recovery in tourism and domestic visits in Europe can be expected.

Around 2,500 employees at Eurowings

Prior to the Corona crisis, the Lufthansa subsidiary had 3,350 employees. According to the spokesperson, there are currently about 2,500. Due to the crisis in Corona, the parent company has closed Germanwings, which is part of Eurowings.

Even before the pandemic, Eurowings, which grew significantly in 2017 with the acquisition of part of Air Berlin, which then went bankrupt, decided to cancel approximately 300 administrative positions.

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