Corruption scandal in South Korea: verdict over ex-president confirmed

Corruption scandal in South Korea: verdict over ex-president confirmed

Former South Korean President Park sentenced to years in prison The country’s Supreme Court has upheld a 20-year prison sentence for corruption. The ruling party demands their forgiveness.

The South Korean Supreme Court has ruled that the verdict is final six months after the conviction of former South Korean President Park Geun Hye. Judges upheld 20 years in prison for corruption and other crimes, as well as a fine of 18 billion won (€ 13.5 million).

According to the court, the judges dismissed the appeal against the verdict in the renewed case against the Park last July. With the current court ruling, the legal battle over the former president’s convictions is finally over.

Park was embroiled in a massive corruption scandal that led to her indictment and arrest in 2017. She was accused of working with a long-standing trust to raise and extort millions of dollars from companies in the form of bribes. The former president was also accused of allowing her girlfriend to secretly manipulate state affairs.

The Democratic Party demands forgiveness

The park is sentenced to 22 years in prison. In addition to 20 years of corruption, there are two more years for violating electoral laws, but these have not been the subject of a current court decision.

Moon Jae In, who was elected president after Park’s indictment, has not yet commented on a possible pardon. But this demand comes from Moon’s Democratic Party. That should be a sign of national unity, said party leader Lee Nak Yon. Parking is controversial among the population.

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