Corona pandemic: Italy plans to spend billions

Corona pandemic: Italy plans to spend billions

The Italian government wants to mitigate the effects of the corona pandemic by spending billions. The Cabinet supports additional spending of approximately 40 billion euros. The EU should also play a role in this.

The Italian government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has decided to “substantially increase the budget” to protect citizens’ health and economic stability. The government announced that the cabinet had approved a bill presented by finance minister Roberto Gualtieri for the financial year 2021 and a multiannual budget until 2023.

Health and education system assistance

The proposal provides for a measure of around € 40 billion. Among other things, around € 4 billion is planned for the healthcare system, with which the temporary contracts of around 30,000 doctors and nurses are to be extended. Approximately six billion euros are to go to schools and universities, four billion are earmarked to help in crisis sectors of the economy.

In addition, the center-left government wants to top up a special unemployment fund. Large sums are planned for families, tax reform and support for the poor south.

The economy is shrinking in a corona pandemic

According to reports, the expenditure will be financed partly through debt and partly through the European Union. The proposal will soon be submitted to Parliament and then sent to the European Commission.

Government experts expect Italy’s economy to collapse by nine percent this year due to a corona pandemic. At the same time, gross domestic product is expected to increase again by six percent in 2021.

Memory of deceased medics

Italy was the first country in Europe to be hit hard by a corona pandemic. Today, they remembered 179 doctors who died with coronavirus. A ceremony was held for them in the town of Duno north of Milan. Among the names immortalized in marble is the name of Robert Stella, the first Italian physician known to have died from the virus. His death on March 11 is a symbol of the dangerous work of doctors.

Meanwhile, more new coronavirus infections have been re-registered in Italy – just over 10,000 people were detected on Saturday and Friday. During the pandemic, a total of more than 402,000 infections were registered and 36,474 people died of Covid-19.

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