Corona Pandemic: Canada approves Biontech vaccine

Corona Pandemic: Canada approves Biontech vaccine

Canada is the third country in the world to grant emergency approval for a corona vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer. A contract for the supply of millions of vaccine doses has also been signed.

In the fight against the corona pandemic, Canada has also granted emergency approval for a vaccine from the German company Biontech and the American group Pfizer. As a result, Canada is the third country to have approved an active substance for mass use.

The Canadian health authorities received an application for emergency approval on October 9. Since then, “thorough and independent” inspections have been carried out to see if this can be complied with, the authority said. Result: the vaccine meets all the necessary safety and quality requirements:

“Canadians can be sure that the review process has been rigorous and that we have a strong monitoring system.”

Hundreds of thousands of vaccine doses are to be delivered in 2020

The Canadian government has signed a purchase agreement with Biontech and Pfizer for at least 20 million doses of vaccines by the end of 2021, with the option to increase supplies to 56 million doses. The country is expected to receive up to 249,000 doses of vaccines in December.

According to Johns Hopkins University in the United States, more than 435,000 people have been infected with coronavirus since the outbreak of the pandemic in Canada. More than 12,932 people died from the infection. About 350,200 affected people are considered cured after infection.

The first mass vaccination in the UK

The United Kingdom was the first country in the world to approve the vaccine earlier this month. The first mass tests began in the country yesterday. Emphasis was placed primarily on the risk group of the elderly in retirement homes or nursing homes. It was reported today that two NHS staff showed severe allergic reactions after vaccination. According to the health office, you are recovering well. However, as a precaution, the NHS now advises allergy sufferers against vaccination.

The EMA believes with approval soon

Just a few days after Great Britain, Bahrain also approved the vaccine. The active ingredient is currently still being tested in the US and also in the EU.

EMA Director Emer Cooke was optimistic in an interview with a Dutch television station. “We are increasingly convinced of the test results we have,” Cooke said, assuring that approval would be decided in December. The EMA meets with all the drug authorities of the 27 EU Member States on 29 December.

According to Biontech and Pfizer, the vaccine they developed is 95% effective against Covid-19. The companies tested the vaccine in a clinical study on tens of thousands of subjects.

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