Corona lockdown: “Possible first steps of opening”

Corona lockdown: “Possible first steps of opening”

Germany FDP leader Lindner

“Possible first steps to open”

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This is what Span says about the conversations in the Crown office

The Cabinet of Ministers is discussing the current situation with the pandemic again today. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn explains the results of the discussions live after the meeting.

The FDP is in favor of opening schools and kindergartens soon. Experts also warn of the consequences of the ongoing closure. FDP leader Lindner is making serious allegations in the federal government. You lack any prospects.

VBefore the new summit in the context of the crisis in the Crown, FDP head Christian Lindner asked the federal government to present rules for opening trade and educational institutions. “The federal government has no prospects as to how it would like to restore social life. National efforts should no longer be limited to closing the spheres of the economy and society as long as possible, ”Lindner criticized in an interview with the German press agency in Berlin.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the prime ministers of the federal states want to discuss the next steps at a video conference on Wednesday.

“We need a step-by-step plan that creates transparency and predictability,” Lindner demanded. The federal government could “not shirk responsibility.” A nationwide base is required with “rules ever,” which vary depending on the regional level of infection. Lindner referred to a project of the state government of Schleswig-Holstein, which was developed with the participation of his party and, according to Lindner, “points in the right direction.” The FDP wanted to present on Tuesday in Berlin its own draft of a nationwide phased plan to be submitted to parliament.

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Practice self-care with consequences

“The point is not to open everything at once. But I’m sure the first steps to open it would be possible – for example, in kindergartens and schools, but also in barbershops and retailers, “said Lindner.” In regions with low levels of infection, greater opening is possible than in hotspots. We also need smart concepts, such as the use of rapid tests for personal use or air purifiers in public areas. “

Experts warn of prolonged school closures

First of all, experts fear the negative consequences of the permanent closure of schools of the second blockade of the crown. The closure has led not only to a loss of academic performance, but especially for children “from the uneducated” the school is often one of the most important social and emotional landmarks, said OECD Director of Education Andreas Schleicher of the German Press Agency. “This is where the crucial risks of a second block lie.” For these schoolchildren and young children, for whom digital learning is not an alternative, the risks “increase disproportionately to the length of the block.”

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President of the German Teachers’ Association Heinz-Peter Meidinger spoke about a group of students who were poorly achieved by distance learning last academic year and are now again accumulating new deficits. “They are virtually unable to connect in the next school year.” Affected students run the risk of not graduating or at least not achieving the qualifications they aspire to. “That means the outlook for the future has deteriorated significantly.”

The Federal Ministry of Education has published recommendations for full-time training during the Crown Pandemic created by scientists. Accordingly, such lessons are possible while adhering to strict infection control rules. Scientists have given specific recommendations, among other things, on reducing the number of classes, wearing masks, ventilation and combating suspicious cases of the crown. Chancellor Merkel said of a “longer-term strategy”.

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