Corona live: The government plans to ban entry to countries with mutated viruses

Corona live: The government plans to ban entry to countries with mutated viruses

Brussels rejects information from Astrazenek’s boss in dispute over crown vaccine

The EU has rejected information from vaccine maker Astrazeneca to justify bottlenecks in delivery. “We deny a lot in this interview,” the EU spokesman said during a conversation between company CEO Pascal Sario and several European newspapers, including WELT. “For example, the idea that production capacity in the UK is reserved for supplies to the United Kingdom.” In an interview published by WELT, Sario said Astrazeneca had signed a supply contract with the UK three months earlier than with the EU. So there was more time to fix the “initial problems”.

The EU had a plant in Belgium with “a high-capacity site that had yield problems,” the Italian newspaper La Repubblica quoted the head of the company as saying. “We believe that these problems are under control, but we are basically two months behind schedule,” Sario said. we will do our best. “

The EU spokesman said, however, that the agreement the EU commission signed with the Swedish-British company in August provided for flexibility in production capacity. “So if there are problems at one plant in Belgium, we have capacity at other plants in Europe and the UK.”

On Friday, Astrazeneca announced that it would initially be able to supply the EU with far fewer vaccines than planned. According to Brussels, in two meetings with EU representatives on Monday, the company failed to properly explain how supply bottlenecks arose. In Brussels, there is a suspicion that the Swedish-British manufacturer supplies the UK and other non-EU countries with an unreduced amount of the vaccine. According to the Commission, the next meeting with the company is scheduled for Wednesday.

Hanna Raymond

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