Cookie Policy

At Listicle Feed, we may use cookies, tracking pixels, web beacons, as well as other tracking technologies whenever you visit our website, including any other form of media, mobile website, media channel, or mobile application connected or related to our site. This assists us to customize our website, and also improve your experience.

Listicle Feed reserves the right to make changes to our Cookie Policy any time, and for any reason, we shall notify you about any changes by updating our “Last Updated” date of our cookie policy. Any modifications of changes will be effective once we post our updated Cookie Policy on our website, and we shall let you receive notification of every modification or change.

We encourage people to review our Cookie Policy periodically so that they can remain informed of our updates. Visitors will be deemed to have been made aware of, accepted, and will be subject to any changes that we make in our cookie policy by their continued use of our website after the date we post our revised cookie policy.

Use of cookies

A “cookie” is a series of information that assigns you a distinctive identifier that we store in our system. Your browser will then provide that distinctive identifier to use whenever you submit a search query to our website. We normally use cookies on our website to monitor the services that you use, record registration info, keep you logged into the website, record your preferences, provide purchase procedures, and also track the web pages that you visit. Basically, cookies assist us to understand how you use our website and how we can improve your user experience.

Types of Cookies

Here are different types of cookies that we may use whenever you visit our website:

Advertising cookies

Ad servers and advertisers place advertising cookies on your computer to show adverts that are more likely to be relevant to you. Advertising cokes allow ad servers and advertisers to collect information about how you visit the website, as well as other websites, substitute the ads that are sent to a particular computer, and then trach how frequently an ad is viewed, and who views it. The cookies are connected to a computer and they don’t gather any personal information about the user.

Analytics cookies

These cookies monitor the methods users used to reach our website, how they interact with the website, as well as how they move around the website. Analytics cookies allow us to know the functional features on a website, as well as the features that need to be improved.

Our cookies

These are also known as “first-party cookies,” which can either be temporary or permanent. Our cookies are the basic cookies, and a website cannot work properly or provide certain functionalities or features without our cookies. You can manually disable some of these cookies in your browser, and this can affect how the website functions.

Personalization cookies

These cookies are used to identify repeat visitors on a website. Personalization cookies are used to record your browsing history, your preferences, and settings, as well as the pages that you’ve visited.

Security cookies

Security cookies assist in identifying and preventing security risks. These cookies are used to authenticate users, as well as safeguard user data from unauthorized parties.

Site management cookies

These cookies are used to identify a user’s session and identity on the website to prevent them from being logged off unexpectedly. Any information that a user enters is reserved from page to page. Site management cookies cannot be turned off independently, but they can be disabled all at once in a browser.

Third-party cookies

These cookies can be placed on your computer when you visit a website by companies that manage the services that we provide. Third-party cookies let third parties collect and track particular information about the user, and they can be manually disabled in the browser.

Control of cookies

Almost every browser is set to accept cookies by default. But, it’s also possible to reject or remove cookies in the settings section of your browser. However, you should note that this can affect the functionality or availability of the website.

Other tracking technologies

Apart from cookies, we can also use pixel tags and web beacons, among other tracking technologies on the website to assist in customizing the website, as well as improving your user experience. A pixel tag or web beacon is a tiny image or object embedded in an email or web page. These two are used to track the total number of users who visit certain pages, view emails, and also gather other statistical data.

Also, the do collect a limited set of data, like time and date an email or page was viewed, cookie number, as well as a description of the email or page where they are located. You cannot decline pixel tags and web beacons. However, it is possible to limit their usage—and this happens when you control the cookies that interact with them.

Privacy policy

You can refer to our Privacy policy on our website for more details about how we use the information collected by cookies and other tracking technologies. This Cookie Policy is part of and is incorporated into our Privacy Policy. By using the Site, you agree to be bound by this Cookie Policy and our Privacy Policy.