Capitol attack: man with “Camp Auschwitz” shirt arrested

Capitol attack: man with “Camp Auschwitz” shirt arrested

After the storm on the Capitol, the US judiciary continues against the participants. She arrested a man wearing a “Camp Auschwitz” shirt. He also raises charges against Olympic swimming champion Kleť Keller.

The US prosecutor is intervening against Olympic swimming champion Kleť Keller because he allegedly took part in a storm at the Capitol. The federal prosecutor’s office in Washington has formally accused the 38-year-old American of illegally entering the Congress building, violent behavior or public nuisance, and obstruction of security forces.

Police on Wednesday identified Keller as a participant in the riots, investigators said. At the Capitol, he allegedly had the official jacket of the American Olympic team and a bracelet with the words “United States Olympic team”. As early as Tuesday, US media reported that the cellars were recognized by people involved in swimming on the basis of riot recordings.

In 2004 and 2008, Keller won a gold medal in the freestyle relay at 4 x 200 meters, along with record Olympic champion Michael Phelps. In 2000 and 2004 he won bronze for 400 meters.

Man with basket “Camp Auschwitz” captured

The US media also reported that a suspect wearing a shirt with the words “Camp Auschwitz” was arrested in connection with the riots at the Capitol. Police caught a man wanted by an arrest warrant in Newport News, Virginia, on Wednesday, the New York Times and ABC and CBS reported, citing police circles.

The man was featured in many photographs inside and outside the Capitol during the riots. On his black shirt “Camp Auschwitz” was seen a skull and the inscription “Work Brings Freedom” – an approximate translation of “Arbeit macht frei”, an inscription on the gate of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz. A federal court in Washington issued an arrest warrant for the man on Tuesday, which was published by the Washington Post.

As a result, he is charged with illegal entry into a specially secured building, as well as for forcible entry and misconduct for reasons of the Capitol. The prosecutor’s office announced on Tuesday that it expects “hundreds” of alleged perpetrators to be charged soon.

The Auschwitz committee was relieved

The International Auschwitz Committee welcomed the arrest of the suspect. Survivors from Auschwitz around the world were relieved, said Christoph Heubner, executive director of the committee in Berlin. In the last few days, the man has become a symbol of the scene, “which more and more openly and aggressively celebrated Auschwitz and promoted the repetition of Auschwitz.”

Supporters of President-elect Donald Trump attacked the Capitol in Washington during a Congress meeting that formally confirmed the election of Joe Biden in the presidential election. Trump’s supporter was shot dead in the Capitol, and a police officer died the day after he was injured in confrontations. Three other people died in emergencies during the uprising.


The day the Washington Chapter was attacked

The traditional session begins on January 6: The two chambers of the US Congress meet to confirm Joe Biden’s election victory. Although some Republicans have announced their opposition, it is generally expected to eventually be confirmed. | Image source: AP

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