Canadian businessman buys Neil Young’s song rights for Young’s “best possible chances”

Canadian businessman buys Neil Young’s song rights for Young’s “best possible chances”

Fans of Canadian music legend Neil Young are wondering what a big business deal will mean for his songs.

Young sold half of his songs to British investment firm Hipgnosis Songs Fund. Hipgnosis allows people to invest in hit songs.

Merck Mercuriatis, the owner of the company, says that it specializes in placing folk music with different products in different settings.

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“Most large publishers have 20,000 songs per person,” he said.

“We operate in a ratio of 500 to 1000 songs per person. So we can spend more time և putting songs into movies, TV commercials, making sure they are all in the right playlists on Spotify և Apple և, you know, basically putting more into them than being able to do them to reap more. “

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Merck Mercuriadis, Abbey Road 17-10-18 by Ill il Furmanovsky.

Hypnosis Song Foundation

Like Young, Mercuriatis is Canadian. He was born in Quebec and raised in Nova Scotia. He says he has been a big fan of Young since he was a child.

«I’ve been listening to these recordings for 50 years. I am 57 years old և I bought it Harvest when I was seven years old. Did you know that 50 years from now, the reason these recordings are so meaningful is not just because the songs are great, but because they make a lot of sense? And his behavior is an important part of that meaning, that gravity. ”

He befriended the late Young Elliott Roberts, Young’s manager, and himself the singer-songwriter.

“I think the only reason he’s making this deal is because, you know, he’s at some point in his life right now with his family and everyone else, where he has to think about what will happen to these songs in the future.”

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Young did not comment on the deal. Mercuriatis says it would like to raise some of Young’s lesser-known songs.

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Using songs to sell other products is not new, but it is controversial. Some fans are still outraged by the 1996 Bank of Montreal TV commercial using Bob Dylan’s iconic Protestant song. The Times They Changin ‘are:,

Last month, Dylan sold the copyright to his entire catalog of more than 600 songs for $ 300 million to $ 500 million.

Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Knicks recently sold his music for $ 100 million.

The terms of Young’s deal have not been revealed. According to some reports, it is worth $ 150 million.

Mercuriatis notes that Young retains ownership of 50 percent of his songs.

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“It is my job to bring Neil the best he can. But it will be up to Neil to decide whether something has been done about the songs or not. ”

Former music critic Ron Foley MacDonald at Halifax says the rearrangement of classical songs could change the way fans relate to music.

“The fans seem to be investing. Some of these songs are literally the soundtrack to their lives. So if you suddenly hear a song that will help you define և your personality, ինչպես how you lived by selling engine oil, it would be nice if you were a car fan, but if you are not a car fan, you might be a little upset. ”

MacDonald says it is unclear whether the song sales are good for the fans, or whether the only winners are traders and businesses.

Mercuriatis suggests that Young’s songs be very careful.

“This takes us back to the very famous Nile concert in Tuscaloosa, Alas, in the early 1970s, where Neil performed Golden heartև he tells the audience that he was asked to put it in a radio commercial, և they are probably going to call it the “Golden Pyramid” or something. And I referred to that “Golden Pyramid” in our press release, in the post I make about why I made this deal.

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“We are never going to do that. But what we’re going to do is go out, try, create opportunities that we think are opportunities that Nile will like, that Nile audiences will like. “Because it’s not just Neil, it’s the audience.”

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