Canada: Trudeau survives no-confidence vote

Canada: Trudeau survives no-confidence vote

The government of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has resisted a vote of no confidence in parliament over allegations of corruption. That has averted early elections for now.

The Liberal Canadian government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau resisted a vote of no confidence in the committee of inquiry requested by the Conservative Party. This means that there will be no early elections.

Conservatives have called for the creation of a committee to investigate alleged government corruption – Trudeau’s government has decided to vote on the future of the administration.

Trudeau talks about the failure of the affair

The left-liberal “New Democratic Party” and the Greens did not vote against the government, so the request was rejected. Liberals lost an absolute majority in the election a year ago and, as a minority government, are always dependent on opposition voting.

In the last few months, Trudeau has come under pressure to award a government contract for several million dollars to a charity with which he has close family ties. Before the ethics committee, the prime minister later spoke of a mistake.

Mark James

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