Canada: Trudeau presses the reset button

Canada: Trudeau presses the reset button

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has announced that he will suspend parliament and make a government statement on how the country can get out of the corona crisis.

Author: Antje Passenheim, ARD-Studio New York

Prime Minister Trudeau has inaugurated the press in Ottawa: His Liberal government will press a reset button. “Today I asked the Governor-General to suspend Parliament.”

A measure that is a necessary precondition for the country’s parliamentary monarchy in order for the so-called Throne Speech to take place. Trudeau announced the government’s statement on September 23. Parliament will then open its sitting two days later than originally scheduled. He could then express confidence in the government’s new agenda, Trudeau said:

“It will be our plan from a pandemic – towards a just and welcoming society. And a country that is better prepared for the coming crisis.”

The Canadian economy has been hit hard

The Corona crisis has hit the North American country economically. By the end of April, Canada had lost three million jobs. For the current fiscal year, the government expects a historical deficit of approximately EUR 218 billion. However, Trudeau stressed that the crisis is a challenge. But it is also an opportunity.

“It’s our chance to build a more resilient Canada. Canada, which is healthier and safer. Greener and more competitive. “

His government team needs time to resign to discuss the program. In such cases, there has been a so-called Prorogation in Canada from time to time.

The step is to regroup the cabinet

The move follows a surprising regrouping in the cabinet of Trudeau’s liberal government: Following the resignation of the ailing Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland has been appointed as his successor. Nevertheless, she should continue in her position as Deputy Prime Minister.

Opposition conservatives in the Canadian parliament have accused Trudeau of using the action to divert attention from deficits. The Canadian Ethics Commission is currently investigating the circumstances of a government contract worth millions. It went to charity. Prime Minister Trudeau and several members of his family are said to be associated with the organization. Among other things, according to Trudeau’s mother, brother and wife, fees are levied – the equivalent of around € 200,000.

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