Caesar 2021, old with little

ANALYSIS The criminal complaint against the President of the CNC steals the show from the publication of a list of nominees who have been badly affected by the closure of the rooms.

The real surprise on Wednesday morning was not the envelope containing the 107 nominations of César 2021, opened under the supervision of a bailiff by Véronique Cayla, president of the Academy of Arts and Techniques of Cinema. She was with the SRPJ in Nanterre, where Dominique Boutonnat, President of the National Cinema Center, was heard by police after a complaint of attempted rape and sexual assault against a 22-year-old young man. Dominique Boutonnat denies these allegations. Knowing that the CNC is the home of French cinema, its president’s custody has enough to set the house on fire.

Waiting for the 46the The César ceremony on March 12 at Olympia and on Canal +, the 2021 edition, starts almost with the end of César 2020. She does dirty laundry in the family and lives with an honored Roman Polanski (César best director for) in watch TV I blame ) and hated (Adèle Haenel gets up and leaves the room angrily). At least in 2020 there was an abundance

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Etienne Sorin

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