Bundestag solution: Parents receive the child’s illness benefits longer

Bundestag solution: Parents receive the child’s illness benefits longer

This year, parents with statutory health insurance can apply for a child sickness benefit instead of ten days. The Bundestag decided today. Single parents receive 40 days.

The number of days of illness in children will double from ten to 20 per parent due to the corona pandemic this year. Single parents are given 40 days instead of the usual 20. The Federal Assembly decided against the background of school and crèche restrictions. The Federal Council is due to approve it at a special session on Monday.

The regulation is to apply retroactively to 5 January. Federal and state governments agreed to increase the number of patients in their consultations on the Corona crisis on Tuesday a week ago.

Statutory health insurance usually pays sickness benefits for children if parents cannot go to work to care for a sick child under the age of twelve. This is 90 percent of net income. Sick pay should now be available, even if schools and kindergartens are closed or access is restricted. This also applies if the parents were only asked not to bring their children to the facility.

Also help with the home office

Parents who could theoretically work in a home office should also receive child sickness benefits. A certificate from a school or kindergarten should suffice for the application. Only persons with statutory health insurance are entitled.

To this end, on April 1, the federal government will provide another federal grant to the health fund’s liquidity reserve of € 300 million. How high the cost actually depends on how many parents claim child sickness benefits, the ministry said.

Mark James

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