Berlin SPD: Gifi and Saleh are on a course of confrontation with the Senate

Berlin SPD: Gifi and Saleh are on a course of confrontation with the Senate

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Gifi and Saleh go on a course of confrontation with the red-red-green senate

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SPD politician on Berlin's transport policy

Gifi and Saleh support the election of chairmen at the party conference on October 31

Source: dpa / Wolfgang Kumm

In late October, Francisco Giffe and Red Saleh want to take over as chairman of the Berlin SPD. At the same time they are kept at a distance from the red-red-green city Senate. They want to show their attitude, especially when it comes to left-wing extremism.

D.he appointed the chairmen of the Berlin SPD, Francisco Giffe and Red Saleh, who put forward the policies of the current Red-Red-Green Senate on key points. In an interview “Day mirror” Among other things, they call for combining previously separate areas of construction and living with mobility and transport to form a large urban development administration whose management wants to get the SPD: “This is the main department for us.”

In domestic and economic policy, Gifi and Saleh keep their distance from the Greens and the Left. Former mayor of Neukeln Giffe announced a policy without ideology for the center of society: “We are developing a pragmatic program focused on citizens.”

Regarding the scene around Rigaer-Strasse in Friedrichshain and the different attitudes towards him in the coalition, Gifi demands: “We must speak clear language with left-wing extremism and clearly show boundaries.

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The photo shows the demonstrator's hand reaching for the helmet visor in the crowd.

Anyone who roams the city, smashes everything, breaks windows, sets cars on fire, injures people, cannot justify it by agitating for fair rent or affordable housing. ”Gifi and Saleh want to come up with a“ concept of social democratic security ”:“ We create security for the ones they can’t buy. “

Gifi and Saleh, who are speaking together at a state party conference on October 31, are firmly committed to free economic development amid coalition disputes: “Our signal, our message to the economy: We warmly welcome you,” Saleh said. who since 2011 has been the chairman of the SPD parliamentary group in the Berlin House of Representatives.

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