Austria: “Google Translate Chase 1: 1” – Minister resigns

Austria: “Google Translate Chase 1: 1” – Minister resigns

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“Chased by Google Translate 1: 1” – The minister resigns after allegations of plagiarism

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Austrian Labor Minister Christine Ashbacher has announced her resignation


The academic theses of Austrian Labor Minister Christine Ashbacher have been described as “never before read abysses of nonsense, nonsense and plagiarism”. After harsh criticism, the 37-year-old resigned.

D.Austrian Minister of Family and Labor Christine Ashbacher (ÖVP) has announced her resignation over allegations of plagiarism. She justified her move on Saturday by the bias of the “media and political comrades”. Previously, there was sharp criticism of the quality of their academic work became loud, including allegations that Ashbacher copied parts without proper source identification.

The 37-year-old has strongly denied the allegations of expert Stefan Weber, known as a “plagiarist hunter.” According to Ashbacher, she always wrote her work – it was a thesis and a dissertation – to the best of her knowledge and faith, and trusted the assessment of recognized professors. She resigns to protect her family from hostility and insult.

The politician presented a dissertation on “Creating a management style for innovative companies” at the Bratislava Technical University in Slovakia in May last year – in parallel with the work of the Minister in the midst of the crisis in the Crown. She wrote her dissertation in 2006 at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna. Weber praised the work of the minister in his blog like “never read the abyss of nonsense, nonsense and plagiarism”.

“Apparently no one even ever read”

Several sections of Ashbacher’s work were read as if she were chasing long English texts 1: 1 via Google Translate and accepting translations unchanged, like Austrian journalist Karina Milborn in one Posting to Facebook vividly describes. “The dissertation has dozens of snippets and accidents in Google Translate that apparently no one has ever read everywhere.”

For example, Ashbacher quotes Apple founder Steve Jobs literally as follows: “Every manager should think positively. Take reasonable risk, quick failure and don’t give up – stick to it. ”

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Plagiarism hunter Weber took “Google Translate” under protection: “errors should not have occurred with the translation program because they have not been so bad in the last few years.”

Meanwhile, Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz respected the decision of his party colleague, as he explained in the initial reaction. He thanked Ashbacher for his commitment “last year, a very difficult year”.

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