Apex Legends Season 3 battle pass Got Leaked

Apex Legends Season 3 battle pass Got Leaked

There is good news for battle pass in Apex Legends fans. Recently the full name and contents of Season 3 battle pass in Apex Legends got leaked. The first look has been leaked. Now the fans can see some features and images of upcoming game.

The details about the game are still not fully released. Some data miners revealed the names and abilities of various unreleased legends and weapons accurately. When it comes to visuals and oher features, the game is way much better than the previous version. Respawn Entertainment developers successfully kept things in secret and didn’t reveal anything super interesting yet.

Gamers have to wait till October because the game will be released on October.  You will get to play with new battle pass and boot. For now the name of the new season and the contents of the battle pass are the only important information that we got.

The game original files are in Spanish. It means that you will experience some translation errors, while playing the game. Maybe in future the game developers will update the language. English seems to be the ideal language for this game.


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