Amazon Prime Day 2020: The shopping promotion starts in two weeks

Amazon Prime Day 2020: The shopping promotion starts in two weeks

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Everything you need to know about Prime Day 2020

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With Prime Day, Amazon’s online shipping company entices many customers to buy – here you can find out what you need to know in advance about the day of shopping and how you can distinguish good deals from supposed benefits.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

W.If he hasn’t heard of the Amazon campaign yet, he asks himself: What is Prime Day and offers really good deals, so is it worth watching the campaign?

Prime Day is a shopping event at Amazon’s online shipping company. Note: Prime Day offers can only be used by Prime members, including those with Prime Student, all other customers purchase products at the regular price. However, it is possible to subscribe to an online shipping company for 30-day free trial*. This way, users can spontaneously enjoy several bargains. However, you should consider whether a Prime subscription of € 69 per year or € 7.99 per month will also pay off in the long run. In addition to free premium shipping for many items, it also offers a wide range of streaming content – if you don’t appreciate it, you can cancel your subscription during the trial phase. Prime Day is definitely a good business for Amazon, because the campaign not only increases sales, but also helps the company fly out of the number of subscriptions received.

When is Amazon Prime Day?

Exactly when exactly the negotiation days will take place, the company usually announces only 14 days in advance. In previous years, this was always the case in the third week of July. Due to the global corona crisis, the negotiation campaign was postponed. The company has now confirmed: Amazon Prime Day will take place on October 13 and 14.

Tip: To see particularly good deals, use the “Amazon Prime Day” preview. It may be helpful to close your membership a few days before Prime Day so that you can view exclusive offers, offers and negotiations in advance.

Amazon Prime Day: View offers and negotiate

Amazon will also have special offers in its range at Prime Day this year. For the past few years, Fire TV, echo speakers, and Kindle readers have been sold like sliced ​​bread. No wonder, after all, the company advertises its own products extensively. However, Amazon also sold half a million PC products on Prime Day, and customers bought a number of hardware benefits and more than a million cosmetics.

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The most important of Prime Day 2020

As for this year’s offerings, Amazon still holds a low profile in 2020 until a short time before the start of the study. As previous years have shown, several advantageous purchases can be expected in the areas of technology, beauty, household and household as well as clothing. Prime members can view the offer a few days before Prime Day – Amazon usually publishes an overview of scheduled offers and negotiations a week before Prime Day.

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Next day Amazon Prime: Once again, customers need to be fast

The main news of Prime Day also includes selected reduced items from well-known brands. The motto of all offers on Amazon Prime Day is: only until stocks run out and for as long as stated in the relevant offer. “Prime Day” offers can be found on and on the Amazon homepage. The “Amazon Prime Day” overview is expected to re-introduce many Amazon products, as well as a number of branded items.

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A wide range of significantly discounted laptops is available on Amazon Prime Day.

Prime Day 2020 Tip: Don’t buy blindly!

You can save money on the many products that Amazon offers in Prime Day. However, one should not be blinded by the allegedly low price and still compare prices – although Amazon is increasing the pressure due to low or limited availability. For many products, of course, it pays to be fast: Many particularly good offers can sell out quickly. So our recommendation is: Check Amazon’s offers with your new or existing Prime membership a few days in advance to see if manufacturers’ websites and price comparison sites like (like WELT, belong to Axel Springer SE) can really save something. When checking the technology, you should also pay attention to whether Amazon’s offerings are new or refurbished equipment or whether the offered models are perhaps older. If you are looking for high-end equipment and current models, you should not be blinded by particularly low prices.

This is how you can find a contract for Prime Day

You should also monitor the development of prices of other providers – they also know about the interest in Prime Day, so that they can pull out one or two advantageous offers, which can differ significantly from the recommended retail price. Amazon itself can also offer a preferred product at affordable prices. A sudden purchase on Prime Day may not be necessary.

In the end, of course, the decisive factor is Prime Day: Which of the attractive offers do you really need? But if you are still looking for a new smartphone, tablet, TV or headphones, you can definitely negotiate as a Amazon Prime customer.

Tip: With Amazon, users can create a wish list for Prime Day 2020 in advance and receive notifications when offers are available.

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