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Alex Trebek’s lawsuits are doing well.

Manufacturers on Tuesday Danger: announced that “a significant portion” of the late game show host’s work wardrobe was donated Doe Fund:,

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“During his final day of filming, Alex exalted the virtues of all those who opened their hands to those who suffered,” said executive producer Mike Richards. “Giving her wardrobe to those who are trying to rebuild their lives is the perfect way to make that last request.”

Photo by Doe Fund
Photo by Doe Fund

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The Doe Fund provides paid employment, housing, vocational training, continuing education, social services for Americans with a history of addiction, homelessness, and imprisonment.

The idea to donate the wardrobe came from Trebeck’s son Matthew, who was a supporter of The Doe Fund.

On Instagram, Trebek’s wife, Jean Ann, praised her son for considering donating.

The donation includes 14 suits, 58 dress shirts, 300 necklaces, 25 polo shirts, 14 sweaters, 9 sports coats, 9 pairs of dress shoes, 15 belts, 2 bags և 3 pairs of dress pants.

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“We are very grateful for that Danger: “Raising the commitment of the Trebek family to our most vulnerable,” said Harriet MacDonald, president of The Doe Fund. “Men in our career training programs always need professional clothing, so after hiring they can shine in their job interviews and work confidently. This donation eases the barrier of not having the right clothes. ”

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He continued. “We understand the enormous losses that Matthew և Jean,, bears, as well as their incredible resilience to adversity.” Last week, my husband, George Org MacDonald, the 35-year-old chairman of Doe Fund, passed away. I’m thankful George Cave saw Alex’s costumes being delivered to the people we serve before he left us. This generous gift honors the legacy of two men, և I know they smile at us. ”

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