Alberta musician Corb Lund about the coal mines offered in the Rockies. “I am 100% against these policy changes”

Alberta musician Corb Lund about the coal mines offered in the Rockies.  “I am 100% against these policy changes”

An Alberta musician comes out against the proposed coal mines in the state.

Corb Lund, which has been singing about cowboy culture and rural life around the world for decades, has released a Facebook video in which he calls the plans a short-sighted առն threat.

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Alberta government to change restrictions on foothill coal mining to make development easier

The Government of the United Conservative Government of Alberta repealed the 1976 The policy of keeping coal mines away from mountain ranges on the eastern slopes of the cliffs.

One mine is currently under review, and vast areas of the mountains have been leased for exploration.

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Alberta’s decision to open Rockies for coal mining to meet court challenges in new year

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Lund, who says he has done a thorough study of the problem, says the plans endanger his neighbors’ unhealthy lifestyle – drinking millions of water downstream.

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Impact of tour restrictions on the Alberta open pit coal mine

Consequences of Restoring Restrictions on the Alberta Open Coal Mine. August 19, 2020

“I must say that these are my personal comments on the issue of public interest. “They are not intended to be maliciously prepared, but rather a matter of deep personal concern, given all the information I have gathered about that information,” Lund wrote.

“I am neutral towards all this, connected with political affiliation. I would say the same, regardless of who is behind it. I have tried to be fair, to take into account all the views.

“After much study of the situation, I am writing this to tell you that I am 100% against these policy changes.

“I think it’s a very big threat to most of our freshwater landscape. It’s a terrible idea for Alberta’s long-term well-being.”

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After canceling its defense policy, Alberta offered to rent Rocky Mountain coal

He urged people to speak out against the open-pit coal mines in Roxy.

He also criticized the region for making the changes silently, without consulting, saying that he did not think that you should lead it that way.

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