Ahmaud Arbery: Two arrests after the murder of a black man

Ahmaud Arbery: Two arrests after the murder of a black man


NA white father and son were arrested after a video was released that allegedly shows the deadly shot of an unarmed black man in Georgia. He has been charged with the murder of Ahmaud Arbury, Georgia Law Enforcement (GBI) said. A video of a mobile phone that surfaced this week has caused horror across the country.

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White suspects are accused of first driving into a 25-year-old Arbery in a Brunswick suburb and then shooting him. The suspect’s father, Ryhor M. (64), told police that he and his son Travis M. (34) were harassing Arbery because they considered him a burglar. Apparently, Arbury, a former football player, was running that Sunday in February.

The suspects “collided with Arbery with two firearms.” Travis M. shot Arbury during the meeting, “the GBI said. There were no additional details at first.

Ahma Arbury wanted to jog – then a 25-year-old black man followed, stopped and shot at least two whites into a truck platformCredit: dpa / Excluding

The video shows a black man running on the left side of the street. The car is standing in front of him on the street, a white man is standing at the back of the pickup, another – near the open door of the driver. The mileage changes sides, runs along the passenger side and moves in front of the car to the left side of the street.

A shot is taken, then the video shows a runner in a fight with a man on the street holding a gun or a rifle. The second shot sounds, and the jogger hits the man. The third shot is fired from a very close range, the jogger is shot and falls face down.

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Arberry’s relatives expressed relief from the arrests, but also expressed disappointment for a long time after the murder. “It was supposed to happen the day it happened,” said Akim Baker, one of Arberry’s close friends in Brunswick. “It wouldn’t work without the video.”

Benjamin Crump, the lawyer for the murdered man’s father, said it was “outrageous” when the arrests took place so late. “This is the first step to justice,” he said. “This murderous duo of father and son took the law into their own hands. It’s a farce of justice they enjoyed their freedom for 74 days after taking the life of a young black man who was just running.”

The ex-investigator and son are suspected

The GBI has launched an investigation at the request of an outside investigator. The suspects are in custody on suspicion of murder and grievous bodily harm. The father, Gregory M., worked as an investigator for District Attorney Jackie Johnson in Glyn County. Retired last year. Johnson declined to investigate the case because of the connection. According to “New York TimesA police suspect has released a police report that the refugee resembled a robber who had previously been recorded on video cameras in the neighborhood.

The report also states that the son came out with a weapon. The father said that Arbery then attacked his son and that there was a fight for a rifle. The son was shot twice. Arbury died from his injuries. The victim’s lawyer, Merritt, accused the suspect of a “Murder” statement: “Arbury did not commit a crime and there was no reason for these people to believe they had the right to stop him with a weapon or use deadly violence.”

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Brunswick lawyer Alan Tucker called himself the man who aired the video on the radio station on Thursday. In a statement, he said he did not represent anyone in the case and wanted to publish the video “because false accusations and allegations were shared in my community.” He did not say where his video came from.

The case also caused a stir in Washington. President Trump said Thursday afternoon that he would receive a report on the case later in the evening. He did not see the video, Trump said when asked. However, he stressed that it was “a very sad thing” and expressed condolences to the relatives of this man.

Keith Smith talks to protesters upset over Ahma Arberi's murder
Demonstrators are upset by the murder of Ahma ArberiCredit: dpa / Bobby Haven

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris – One of the two black senators in the House of Parliament – said that the video made them “sick to the core.” She wrote on Twitter: “Doing black sports should not be a death sentence.” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called the incident “illegible and disgusting.” The Arbery family deserved justice. “There must be a complete, impartial and swift investigation.”

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Celebrities like basketball superstar LeBron James were also shocked. “We literally hunt every day / every time we leave our own four walls!” You can’t even run. Damn, man, is that a joke ?! in Instagram. American singer and actor Justin Timberlake (39, “Cry Me A River”) was also outraged: “If you’re not upset, you should be. Justice for Arbury Ahma.”

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