AfD politician Etzrodt takes over the chairmanship of Gera City Council

AfD politician Etzrodt takes over the chairmanship of Gera City Council

The CDU denies the allegations

Christian Hirte, the CDU’s regional leader, denied: “The CDU has clearly agreed in a parliamentary group not to vote for an AfD candidate. That’s exactly what happened. CDU regional parliamentary club chairman Mario Voigt faced charges against his party in the Gera case.” “The CDU line is clear, so she didn’t vote for AfD men in Gera,” he wrote on Twitter. “The city council group has a clear position.”

A member of the SPD Bundestag commemorates Kemmerich’s election

East Thuringian SPD Bundestag member Elisabeth Kaiser spoke of a bad signal for Gera. The state SPD asked on Twitter if the Thuringian CDU had learned anything since February 5.

At that time, Thomas Kemmerich, a member of the FDP of the state parliament, was elected Prime Minister of Thuringia by the votes of the AfD and the CDU. This caused political upheaval far beyond the country’s borders. A few days later, Kemmerich resigned, but remained in office for several weeks until Bodo Ramelow (left) was elected.

In Erfurt, the AfD candidate failed again

In Erfurt, AfD city councilor Marek Erfurth failed again in the election of the third deputy chairman of the city council. He received 15 votes on Thursday night. 30 city councilors abstained. The AfD candidate for the senior council did not win the majority.

Since the inaugural meeting of the then newly elected city council in June 2019, the AfD parliamentary group has been trying to get Mark Erfurth as the third deputy chairman of the council. Most city councils have so far refused to transfer contributions to members of the AfD parliamentary group.

Source: MDR TH√úRINGEN / nis

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