Actor Colin Eglesfield wants you to live your best life exclusively

Actor Colin Eglesfield wants you to live your best life exclusively

Although his acting career in Hollywood should keep him busy, Colin Eglesfield has expanded his empire in recent years. From writing a book about his experience as a famous actor to developing a series of workshops to inspire others To live 100 days The star has proven time and time again that no challenge is too great for him. Moreover, most of his activities seem to have originated from a very personal place.

Talk to: Nicki SwiftEglsfield revealed. “For me, really strong reasons are all about self-development, enabling people to achieve their dreams and goals. . I run marathons and triathlons to raise money for these purposes. «

In fact, it’s Eglesfield 2006. It was the diagnosis of testicular cancer that inspired many in her new career to make the decision to help other people achieve their dreams. “I really volunteered to go to the hospitals, reading books to some of the children in the wards,” the actor said. Nicki Swift“It is one thing to go to these hospitals, to be there, to be with these children, but it is another thing to go through what they are going through.

He continued. “I get a feeling when I say to them, ‘You know what, I went through you. I think there is something that will help them feel more confident and positive. Do you know what? Colin survived, so can I. ‚«

Eglsfield is primarily committed to helping, inspiring and empowering others. This is a quality we do not usually expect from celebrities. As he explained. “If I can be the pillar of that hope, of inspiration, of strength, when they have this experience, it’s what makes it really worth going through this horrible experience of mine.”


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