A true colony in Canada: Cape Breton is worried about its reputation

A true colony in Canada: Cape Breton is worried about its reputation

A few days ago, it was widely reported that a right-wing group in Canada wanted to build a German colony of like-minded people. The people of the region are appalled. She’s worried about her reputation.

Author: Antje Passenheim, ARD studio New York

There is a lot of nature. There is a good salmon. There are 14 inhabitants per square kilometer. And now Cape Breton is a big concern, says local journalist Joan Baxter. “People are really panicking,” he says. The “Spiegel” report on the machinations of dubious immigrants shocked Canadians and Germans in this Atlantic corner of Nova Scotia. Baxter translated it for “Halifax Examiner”.

She felt like most others: “I didn’t know at all that there were right-wing Germans here buying and selling real estate.” strange.

The founder of the Academy talks about “states of war” in Germany

The right-wing academy was founded by the Doom prophet Andreas Popp and his partner Eva Herman. The former Tagesschau spokesman was drifting into the right environment. Together, they spread their views of the world through a video channel. “We are all suffering from this hybrid war that we are currently experiencing,” says Popp. “We’re almost at war.”

Several times a year, they invite you to seminars in their so-called Cape Breton refuge. Renate Sedlmeier also heard about it. She is a licensed immigration advisor to the German-Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Toronto. The person who attended told her that “it’s a little weird that everything is questionable.”

The message was made: it was time to leave Germany, where everything had only gotten worse. How bad, Popp explains on his channel: “We have an outage that can be expected. Herman adds: “And it’s not just Arabic, it’s an Arab-African-Asian invasion.”

Including ideological influence

Trips are booked with seminars and accommodation – and comprehensive support. Sedlmeier repeatedly hears from participants that he feels “like a coffee trip” – a coffee trip where people talk about buying real estate and immigration. Vendors are included, including the right ideas.

The properties are ruthlessly overpriced, says journalist Baxter. “I can see what qualities these people think.

Strict immigration rules in Canada

Add to that the false promise that immigration to Canada is easy. Expert Sedlmeier had to bring some disappointments to the ground. “Everyone has to comply with visa and immigration requirements. If the applicant does not qualify, he will not come. “

It is not clear how many newcomers to the group around Herman and Popp have already accepted. Cape Breton’s natural paradise has always attracted many Germans. The climate is mild and dry, property taxes are low. You’ll be on a plane from Frankfurt, Halifax in seven hours.

Resident Canadians would always like to integrate German immigrants, says Baxter. “It simply came to our notice then. My German neighbors and friends are afraid that their reputation will suffer as a result.

Deny Herman and Popp

Everyone now hoped that the authorities on both sides would do what they could to investigate. However, Herman and Popp denied the allegations. In a letter on their website, they threatened to take legal action. The letter was also sent to the “Halifax Examiner.” But he persevered – and did not remove the article on his part. The coronary pandemic has at least crippled tourism and the “Wissensmanufaktur” seminars.

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