A black man dies in Minneapolis: Protests in the USA

A black man dies in Minneapolis: Protests in the USA


The protests in the USA do not end. Protesters in many cities demanded justice for George Floyd, who died after a brutal police operation in Minneapolis. There were also riots.

Following the death of a Black male named George Floyd in a brutal police operation, protests spread in the United States. Angry protesters took to the streets in many cities.

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Demonstrations took place in New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Portland and Las Vegas, among others. Hundreds of people demonstrated in front of the White House in Washington. Employees could not leave President Donald Trump’s residence for a short time. Several police cars were set on fire in Atlanta. The protesters held posters saying “Stop killing us” or “I can’t breathe” and demanded justice for Floyd. He was shot dead near protests in Detroit for 19 years. According to the police, it is still not clear whether there is a connection with the demonstrations.

The protests also took place at the scene of the accident in the American city of Minneapolis – despite the imposition of a curfew. CNN reporters said at night that neither National Guard soldiers nor police was visible. Black and white people took part in the protests. Television images showed protesters marching on a city highway. They carried signs that said, “Am I another?” And “No peace without justice.” CNN also showed pictures of burning cars.

The suspect was arrested

Floyd died Monday after a police operation in Minneapolis after a white police officer pressed his knee back for several minutes. The video from the incident caused terror in the USA. A police officer was arrested on Friday. He is charged with murder and negligence – homicide – laws in Minnesota threaten up to 35 years in prison. Three other officers involved in the mission are being investigated.

An arrest warrant issued on Friday said the officer pressed his knee to Floyd’s neck for a total of eight minutes and 46 seconds. In the last two minutes and 53 seconds, Floyd showed no signs of life. Based on their training, police officers should know that this way of detaining a suspect is fundamentally dangerous.

Based on preliminary evidence, the coroner stated in the arrest warrant that Floyd had not suffocated. The 46-year-old suffered from other health problems that, together with fixation and possible intoxicants in his blood, would lead to his death.

The federal authorities should investigate the case

Attorney General William Barr has announced that federal agencies such as the FBI will investigate, in parallel with the Minnesota authorities’ investigation, whether the officers in question have violated civil rights laws. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz assured the judiciary of swiftly investigating stakeholders and called on protesters to stop using violence.

Floyd’s family welcomes the arrest

Floyd’s family welcomed the arrest as a “step towards justice.” Instead of being killed, however, she asked for murder. After describing Minneapolis protesters as “criminals” and threatening to use military firearms, Trump softened his tone and said he had called Floyd’s family to express his condolences. “George’s family has a right to justice and the people of Minnesota have a right to security,” Trump said.

“If the looting starts, the shooting will start,” the president said earlier on Twitter. Twitter called the tweet celebrating violence. Numerous commentators have criticized the statement, which is a citation with racist undertones from the period of the civil rights movement in the late 1960s.

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